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BudgetVM Review – Miami Dedicated Servers

BudgetVM Review – Miami Dedicated ServersBudgetVM is a provider who has been around for quite some time. I like BudgetVM’s VPS services, which are extremely reliable, and the company has data centers in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami and Amsterdam which cover most US locations and Amsterdam is a great location when the United Kingdom can be expensive. Amsterdam, located... Read More »

Wholesale Internet Review – Intel Core2Duo for $10/mo

Wholesale Internet Review – Intel Core2Duo for $10/moGood morning! I ordered an Intel Core2Duo for $10 from Wholesale Internet last Sunday. This morning, Wednesday, I received the login information for the server. I find it strange that Wholesale Internet, when you contact support regarding deployment, states the servers are ‘custom built’. I’m not sure if this means the hardware is assembled per... Read More »

OVH – SP-64-S Review

OVH – SP-64-S ReviewI’ve been a customer of OVH with the SP-64-S service for about 6 months now. The price is $109 USD per month. The SP-64-S is an Intel Xeon E5-1620v2 3.9Ghz CPU with 4c/8t and 64GB of RAM. There is 2x2TB Soft RAID hard disks. I run Proxmox on this server which OVH provides a one-click... Read More »

Online – Dedibox XC Review

Online – Dedibox XC ReviewI’ve had an Online Dedibox XC for about 4 months. I primarily use it as a seedbox and for OpenVPN for a few friends who use it in Northern Africa. They say they get great connectivity. I’ve used over 15 – 20TB per month as a seedbox for quite some time. I’ve also ran Plex... Read More »

OneProvider – 7EUR/mo Server Review

OneProvider – 7EUR/mo Server ReviewI ordered the VIA Nano U2250 1.6Ghz CPU offer from OneProvider in Paris, France for 7EUR/mo. OneProvider, for new orders, has an ID verification system where you have to submit an “ID verification selfie” of you holding up an identification card, driver’s license, or passport plus the credit card if you pay with a credit... Read More »